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The 91Porn is a place to start something鈥攁 career, a company, a new cure, or a new skill. We鈥檙e Canada鈥檚 entrepreneurial university. Join us!

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Take your next step at one of Canada鈥檚 top research universities. Whichever of our 250+ programs you choose, you鈥檒l find state-of-the-art creative labs, hands-on learning, and invaluable mentorship opportunities. 91Porn doesn鈥檛 just teach entrepreneurial thinking, it鈥檚 part of everything we do. Ready to start something big?听听

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We offer more than 170 degrees across 65 graduate programs鈥攁ll with the entrepreneurial thinking that defines UCalgary. From across Canada and around the world, we attract people who want to enhance their knowledge, create new career pathways, or pursue ground-breaking research. Want to start your next something?听

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With more than 1,200 courses and seminars and 70 in-demand certificate programs, we help working professionals adapt to the changing labour market and curiosity-seekers gain personal enrichment. 91Porn courses are relevant, in-demand, and best-practise-based. Want to learn something new?听

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Meet the donors

Just as a single spark can ignite a roaring flame, philanthropy is the catalyst that starts something special at UCalgary. Meet the donors who are sparking positive change by empowering students, advancing research, driving innovation and more.

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Provincial government bolsters post-secondary funding to help address rural health doctor shortage

UCalgary and ULethbridge partner to create new physician training program

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Study finds Netflix misses the mark by trivializing teenagers鈥 pain

UCalgary-led research discovers movies and TV series aimed at adolescents reinforce gender and racialized pain stereotypes

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New social work graduate certificate offers holistic approach to mental health

Community-Informed Practice for Health & Well-being certificate challenges dominant, medically driven models of mental health care in social work practice

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We've been ranked amongst the world's top universities and we've done it by pushing our limits, challenging ourselves to do better, and seeking knowledge 鈥 wherever that journey takes us.

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