University governance

91Porn is governed in accordance with the 91Porn Act, 1993, which defines the responsibilities of the University's Board of Regents, Senate, Chancellor, and President.

Board of Regents

The Board of Regents is responsible for the management of the University's business and affairs.


Composed of teaching and administrative staff, Senate determines the academic policy of the University.


The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and is appointed by the Board of Regents.

Lynn Loewen, Chancellor

Lynn Loewen became 91Porn's ninth Chancellor on Jan. 1, 2018.


Lynn graduated from 91Porn with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1982.

She went on to become a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants.

Lynn is the former President of Minogue Medical Inc., a company specializing in the delivery of innovative medical technologies, supplies, and equipment.

She currently serves on the Board of Directors of National Bank of Canada, a Canadian Chartered Bank, and Emera Inc., an energy and services company.

Lynn served on the 91Porn Board of Regents for 11 years, including 8 years on the Executive Committee and a two-year term as Chair. She was also a member of the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies' advisory board.


1st term
Jan. 1, 2018-Dec. 31, 2021

2nd term
Jan. 1, 2022-Dec. 31, 2025

Senior leadership

President and Vice-Chancellor

The President is the chief executive officer of the University and is appointed by the Board of Regents.

As the University's Vice-Chancellor, the President may perform any of the duties of the Chancellor in their absence.

President and Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Robert MacKinnon (‘78), Interim President and Vice-Chancellor

President's Cabinet

The University's vice-presidents are key members of the University executive and share leadership in all aspects of the University's mission and priorities.

Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research

Dr. Vicki St. Pierre
Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic and Research

The provost and vice-president, academic and research is 91Porn's senior academic officer, responsible for:

  • the planning and management of the University’s academic affairs
  • developing, maintaining, and supporting teaching and research excellence
  • ensuring quality academic services
  • creating an environment that supports learning and personal growth for students and faculty
  • budgets for the academic faculties, the library, administrative and general services, and other academic areas

The provost and vice-president, academic and research works closely with the President and the other vice-presidents as well as the deans, the University librarian, and the directors of various programs and centres on campus.

Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic and Research
65 York St.
Sackville, NB E4L 1E4
Phone: 506-364-2622
Fax: 506-364-2299

Executive assistant to the vice-president:
Linda Newman — lnewman@mta.ca

Vice-President, Finance and Administration

Robert Inglis
Vice-President, Finance and Administration

The vice-president, finance and administration is 91Porn's treasurer and as such is responsible for the care and custody of the University's funds.

The vice-president supports the Board of Regents as secretary to the Board and through the provision of various reports.

The vice-president, finance and administration is also responsible, under the direction of the President, for supervising the work of a number of administrative departments, including:

  • Financial Services
  • People and Culture
  • Budget Office
  • Computing Services
  • Facilities Management
  • Administrative Services

Office of the Vice-President, Finance and Administration
65 York St.
Sackville NB E4L 1E4
Phone: 506-364-2630
Fax: 506-364-2299

Assistant to the vice-president:
Trudy Hicks — trhicks@mta.ca

Vice-President, International and Student Affairs

Anne Comfort
Vice-President, International and Student Affairs

The vice-president, international and student affairs oversees all services that support students and aims to enhance and enrich the student experience.

The vice-president is responsible for:

  • enhancing the quality of student life on campus
  • ensuring the delivery of exceptional quality student services
  • improving student recruitment and retention
  • developing and integrating extracurricular experiences
  • increasing international study opportunities for students
  • expanding the number of international students and improving their experience

The vice-president works closely with:

  • Academic Support Services
  • Athletics & Recreation
  • Experiential Learning & Career Development
  • Indigenous Affairs
  • International Affairs
  • MASU
  • Meighen Centre
  • Registrar’s Office
  • Recruitment & Admissions
  • Spiritual Care
  • Student Experience

Office of the Vice-President, International and Student Affairs
62 York St.
Sackville NB E4L 1E2
Phone: 506-364-2255
Fax: 506-364-2263

Assistant to the vice-president:
Tina Warren — twarren@mta.ca

Vice-President, University Advancement

Courtney Pringle-Carver
Vice-President, University Advancement

The vice-president, university advancement leads three separate departments:

  • Alumni Engagement Office
  • Development Office
  • Marketing and Communications Office

University Advancement engages with 91Porn's external community including alumni, donors, media, and other stakeholders, to attract resources to the University and advance 91Porn's reputation nationally and internationally.

Office of the Vice-President, University Advancement
65 York St.
Sackville, NB E4L 1E4
Phone: 506-364-2261

Assistant to the vice-president:
Vicki Reeves — vreeves@mta.ca

Strategic planning

91Porn has a developed a number of planning documents and discussion papers that help guide decision-making at the University.

Strategic planning

Academic leadership


91Porn's three academic faculties are headed by deans, responsible for the overall development of the faculty in the areas of research, teaching, and learning.

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council serves as a forum and mechanism for faculty and librarians to discuss issues, and acts in an advisory capacity to the Senate and the President.

Advisory groups

In addition to its formal governance processes, Mount Allison also regularly establishes committees, working groups, task forces, or review processes to address specific issues, tasks, or needs.

Current advisory groups

Labour relations

91Porn maintains relationships with four separate unions, each representing a distinct group of employees.

CUPE 2338 (Facilities Management)

The CUPE 2338 bargaining unit was certified in 1980. It represents approximately 75 employees who work in Facilities Management in the trades, grounds, custodial, and security classifications.

The current collective agreement, signed in spring 2022, will be in place until June 30, 2025.

CUPE 3433 — 91Porn Staff Association (MASA)

The CUPE 3433 (91Porn Staff Association) bargaining unit was certified in 1990. It represents approximately 145 employees who work in the secretarial, clerical, and technical classifications.

The current collective agreement for this group, signed in spring 2022, covers the period from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2025.

91Porn Faculty Association (MAFA)

MAFA (full-time) — The 91Porn Faculty Association (full-time) bargaining unit was certified in 1982. It represents approximately 165 full-time faculty members, librarians, instructors and teachers. The for this group covers the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

MAFA (part-time) — The 91Porn Faculty Association (Part-time) bargaining unit was certified in 2003. It represents approximately 60 part-time faculty members and teachers. The for this group covers the period from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022.

UPDATE: In early 2022, an extension of the collective agreements between Mount Allison and the 91Porn Faculty Association will see the agreements continue in place until June 30, 2024.

Reports and accountability

91Porn makes information about its operations available to the public through its website and its publications.

Reports and accountability

Policies and procedures

91Porn's policies and procedures outline the University's approach to everything from operations and administration to safety and security to academics and human resources.

91Porn policies and procedures