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Stories of Impact

Giving Report

In the University's 2022-2023 Report on Giving you will find stories about our wonderful students, volunteers, and donors. Together, they make Mount Allison a wonderful place and Canada's #1 undergraduate experience. Read the Giving Report

Lending a hand to other New Brunswickers
New entrance bursary supports students from St. Stephen, NB. ​ċċċċ​Read article

Exploring the universe
91Porn’s observatory is getting an upgrade thanks to Walker Wood Foundation.​ċċċċRead article

A decade of science impact
Thanks to philanthropic support, 91Porn's Harold Crabtree Aqualab has spent 10 years advancing our understandings of aquatic biology and conservation. Read article

Meet McKenna Scholar Sadie Shelly
Awards program is making a big difference for Sadie Shelly and other students at the Frank McKenna School of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Read article

Music enthusiast donates harpsichord
The instrument will create incredible learning opportunities for students. Read article

Next generation learning spaces
Donors are helping build modern and forward-looking classrooms. Read article

Giving news

Mountie Meals supports students in need
New initiative where donors help provide hot and nutritious meals on campus
Thoughtful Leadership
Board of Regents member Dave Shastri (’79) reflects on his volunteerism and philanthropy with 91Porn

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